Stillwater Sailcloth

Enjoy the alternative elegance of our stunning king/queen stillwater sailcloth tents. With a translucent tent top, valence-free edges and wood poles, this tent is sure to transform your tent site into something truly spectacular.

Structure Tent


Pole & Frame

Pole Tents: For your backyard BBQs, birthday parties, anniversaries, you name it!

Frame Tents: The most versatile tent style to accommodate sites of all types.

Clear Top Frame

Embrace the raw beauty of nature under one of our clear top tents - this is great as the main tent for your event, or as a fun alternative space for dancing or cocktails.


Where do we begin? Our new glamping tents will give you a place to stay on-site without worrying about travel. We're combining comfort, style and fun with this tent!

Traditional High Peak

Make a bold statement with one of our 30', 40', or 50' wide high peak tents. With tall peaks, smooth curves and square corners, this tent holds true to it's traditional style and will be sure to wow your guests.

Bamboo Luminary

These bamboo structures capture and reflect light back into the lounge area, allowing you to enjoy your event late into the evening.