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H2K FRAME TENTS; Clear or White

Available Sizes: Inquire for Pricing




Embrace your surroundings with one of our beautiful Clear Top Frame Tents! What better way to enjoy your outdoor event than to actually see the outdoors?! We've recently switched a majority of our tents to hybrid keder frame tent with a gable-end, in both 20' and 30' widths. Needing even more space? Consider one of our Clearspan Tents, available with even wider frames.

What's a hybrid keder frame tent? Think of this tent option as a middle ground between a standard frame tent and clearspan. This tent option incorporates a keder rail within the frame poles, which the tent top and sidewalls can easily slide into. Unlike traditional sidewalls, these kedered sidewalls make a nice tight seal to each side pole. When closed, these sidewalls offer amazing protection from the outside elements and conveniently curtain open when not in use, creating a draping effect.

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