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Photos are stock manufacturer photos with our own coming in spring 2020


The Luminary

Perfect for parties or everyday enchantment, our newest addition, the Luminary tent is a bamboo lantern tent that was designed to warm your landscape and your spirit.   The combination of natural elements with more traditional tent components creates an eye-catching centerpiece that your customer will be sure to want at their next event. Our luminary tent is manufactured with a bamboo frame with translucent vinyl to emit a glow that will light up the night.  As the sun and the moonlight up the sky, let our bamboo lantern tent light up your next event.


The Glamping Tent

While some people are cool with roughing it in the woods, some of us have a hard time stepping away from our sofas, nice glassware, and cozy bedding, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves — or others — that we enjoy camping. If that sounds like you, a glamping (glamorous camping) tent is the way to go!  Our glamping tents are 6 meters wide with two-door openings.  Looking to offer a unique gathering area? Remove the walls on these glamping tents to create a comfortable and inviting lounge area. Glamping Tents can help you create an event your guests won’t soon forget!

Glamping tents are ideal offerings for weddings, festivals, family holidays, corporate retreats and more!

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